This week, I had a blog published on the website of the professional supplement company, BioCare, about the health benefits of zinc, the key signs and symptoms to look for which may indicate that you have a sub-optimal zinc status, and how to start improving it. You can read it using this link.

While writing about how seafood, such as oyster, prawn, and shrimp, is an excellent source of bioavailable zinc, I caught myself daydreaming about the wonderful seafood which we enjoyed on our honeymoon last summer, road tripping around the Outer and Inner Hebrides of Scotland. We were especially chuffed when we stumbled across a little seafood shack in Carbost on the Isle of Skye, called The Oyster Shed, which overlooks the beautiful Loch Harport.

The Oyster Shed, Carbost, Isle of Skye

The seafood is locally sourced from Loch Harport and then simply cooked and served by the fishermen themselves. I enjoyed my first ever oyster, which I found surprisingly delicious, and then the ultimate treat of hand-dived scallops cooked in garlic butter, served with lemon. If ever you’re on Skye, it’s well worth navigating the single track roads and making the journey there – you won’t be disappointed!

Loch Harport oysters

Back at home, it can be tricky to get hold of such fresh seafood and I’m often uncertain of the quality of the seafood which I see in the supermarkets. This means that I put value on buying two to three portions of animal protein a week of the best quality that I can afford, which is often wild fish such as wild Alaskan salmon and organic beef or chicken, and then pack our diet the rest of the time with a wide variety of plant sources of zinc, such as pumpkin seeds, quinoa, cashews, and lentils, soaked where possible to make the zinc easier to absorb.

I hope you that you find my blog for BioCare helpful and do get in touch if you would like me to tailor my advice to meet your individual health needs.


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